Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong UnReuters

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is in a vegetative state, Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai reported.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Kim was gravely ill with coronavirus following a heart surgery, but a South Korean official denied the report.

However, according to the Japanese report, Kim collapsed during a visit to a rural area earlier this month, after which he underwent a stent procedure and is now in a vegetative state.

Quoting an unnamed member of the medical team, the Shukan Gendai said Kim's condition was due to the fact that the surgeon in charge of Kim's operation was unused to dealing with obese patients, and became nervous during the operation.

According to a report by HKSTV (Hong Kong Satellite Television), Kim is rumored to be dead. HKSTV's vice director said the report was based on a "very solid source."

Reuters on Friday reported that China dispatched a team including medical experts to North Korea, but the nature of the visit was not revealed.