Arutz Sheva spoke with Johnny Daniels, chairman and founder of "From the Depths," an organization which works to help both Holocaust survivors and Righteous Among the Nations.

Speaking form outside the Warsaw Ghetto, Daniels emphasized that "it falls upon a small group of make sure that this memory is not forgotten and continues, even during this difficult time."

"My foundation...took it on ourselves as millennials, as young people involved in Holocaust memorial, to do what we can to assist and give help to the Righteous Among the Nations," who Daniels said are a "very small group of people" - about 400 who are still alive around the world, with most of them in Poland.

The organization will also send packages to Muslim Righteous Among the Nations in Albania - the only country to have been under Nazi occupation and which had more Jews after World War II than before.

"We're going from Righteous to Righteous every single day, with food, with medicine if they need, with whatever they need, to look after them, to make sure that they don't have to leave their homes and they can stay safe. We are trying our hardest to protect those who protected us just 75 years ago."

"Now is the time, more than any, to stand up, to be counted, to show up, giving love and credit to these people that deserve it the most," he emphasized, adding that the current generation are the "witnesses" who need to ensure that the memory of the Holocaust is not forgotten.