Hani Lifshitz
Hani LifshitzSpokesperson

Chabad emissary in Kathmandu Hani Lifshitz notified Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) that she will be unable to light a torch at the annual ceremony this year, despite being chosen to do so.

Lifshitz notified Regev after the Court of Chabad Rabbis in the Holy Land told her it forbids her from participating in the ceremony.

In a Facebook post, Lifshitz wrote, “Dear and beloved friends, I'm writing to you the following lines from my heart.”

“Nothing depends on me.

“I was required to cancel my participation at the Independence Day ceremony. And I can't enter the fire of discord.

“I notified with sadness the dear Minister Miri Regev and the amazing staff at the hasbara center. I thanked them for seeing in Chabad and Kathmandu some of those responsible for the connections in Israeli society.

“I again thank you, the state of Israel and each and everyone for the blessings, the wishes and especially the gratitude that came from all over the world.

“Maybe I didn’t get the chance to bear a torch, but the greatest honor there is in this world I received - a life of mission and mutual responsibility. There is no greater gift than this.

“You warmed my heart so much. Health to all. With great love, Hani Lifshitz - Kathmandu.”

Letter from rabbinic court (Screenshot)