Rabbi Slutki
Rabbi SlutkiArutz Sheva

Every year on Memorial Day, two IDF soldiers stand astride the Israeli flag on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The World Organization of Synagogues has also decided to adopt this model for a joint national Mishna learning to commemorate IDF fallen soldiers for 24 hours.

As part of the "Mishnah L'iuly Neshama" venture, every citizen is registered to study in a position near his place of residence and indicates the time he is studying. To this end, a special booklet of study was produced that included, among other things, the prayers Kel Maleh Rachamim, Kaddish, prayers for IDF soldiers and the State.

The venture is global and the brochure and website are also in English. One may also register on the site for personal study without a commitment or a specific venue. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, learning will take place in homes, each man with his immediate family, and the registration site will show a map of the country and the world and the places where learning for soldiers is taking place.

The project was initiated by the late Lt. Col. Uri Shlomai when he was with us, and he worked in a number of individual places. This year, the World Organization of Synagogues decided to turn the project into a global venture, so that beyond the worldwide learning, in Israel alone 100 "posts" will operate around the clock.

World Organization of Synagogues Chairman David Ben Naeh: "We see the utmost importance in connecting all the world's Jews to the memory of IDF soldiers. Learning Torah around the clock on Memorial Day symbolizes most of all the deep connection of every Jew to those who gave their lives for the people and the land."

World Organization of Synagogues Director Rabbi Shmuel Slutki told Arutz Sheva that "the uniqueness of the project is that for the first time, learners from all over the Jewish world will feel the sense of partnership and mutual responsibility in learning. After all, every home and learning post will be marked on the world and Israel map, and so it will be possible to feel the connection to all of Israel with respect given to the fallen for sanctifying G-d's Name in the army. Also, in the reality where going to cemeteries by bereaved families isn't possible, there is strength, encouragement, and partnership with the families who see the Jews of the whole world learn to elevate the soul of their loved ones."

הרב סלוטקי: זוכרים את הנופלים ומחזקים את המשפחות השכולות