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An elderly man of 86 who lives in a nursing home in Tiberias was taken to Poriya Hospital in the evening hours and was admitted to the dedicated Coronavirus Department in serious condition.

The man had been coronavirus infected, was admitted to the ward at Poriya Hospital, and was discharged to the nursing home last weekend after two coronavirus tests performed for him returned negative and his condition improved.

Yesterday, he was once again evacuated from the nursing home in Tiberias to the medical center, suffering from breathing difficulties and worsening condition.

At the hospital he was examined to determine whether he was ill with coronavirus and after receiving a positive response was admitted to the Coronavirus Department. The hospital notes that the elderly have many background problems and at night the doctors made a decision to put him on sedation and respiration.

As of this morning, nine patients are hospitalized in the coronavirus designated ward. Five are in light condition, one in moderate condition, and three in severe condition, of whom one is sedated and on assisted breathing.