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תיעוד: פיגוע דריסה ודקירה ליד אבו דיס - קשה לצפייה

Border Police officer “B,” who was wounded this morning, Wednesday, in a terror attack at the Kiosk checkpoint in the Ma'aleh Adumim area and is now hospitalized, recounted the incident.

"During the guard shift, a vehicle drove up and rammed into me. While I was on the ground I saw the terrorist get out of the vehicle. I tried to get away from him and took him to a place where my comrades could open fire and neutralize him," B related.

Although the officer was taken by surprise by the terrorist, he was still able to repel the terrorist and grapple with him, and the terrorist was eliminated by the officers operating at the checkpoint as soon as they were able to open fire.

An investigation into the attack revealed that at 8 am, a terrorist driving a commercial vehicle arrived at the Abu Dis checkpoint. He swerved toward a Border Police officer and hit him. Immediately afterwards, the terrorist leaped from his vehicle, armed with scissors, and began to stab the officer, who fought off the terrorist.

The other officers at the scene noticed what was going on, chased the terrorist and neutralized him. The terrorist - an Arab resident of Sawahera in his 20s, was killed on the spot. At the scene, a pipe bomb was also found and neutralized by a police sapper.

The officer was treated by MDA medics and evacuated to Shaare Zedek Hospital in moderate condition. While at the hospital, his condition improved and he is now in light condition.

לוחם משמר הגבול שנפצע בפיגוע משחזר דוברות מג"ב