Coronavirus testing
Coronavirus testingReuters

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina) ordered the IDF to cease conducting coronavirus tests for Gaza residents.

According to Maariv, Bennett gave the order after it became clear that the IDF had initiated the testing without receiving proper approval from the political echelon, and Bennett himself was not updated due to coordination issues in the IDF.

So far, the IDF has analyzed approximately 100 coronavirus tests at its Tzrifin lab. According to the report, a staff headed by Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Eyal Zamir, which deals with coronavirus among Palestinian Authority Arabs, was responsible for the decision to help test Gazans. The staff is making plans to expand the humanitarian aid to Gaza, as well as to the Palestinian Authority.

An IDF spokesman said: "The IDF conducted tests for Gaza residents, against the backdrop of a specific gap in the ability to complete the testing process. Currently these tests are not conducted in the IDF lab."

Bennett's office responded: "The IDF and Defense Ministry will continue to aid the national efforts during the coronavirus crisis, as they have done with dedication and success until now."