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Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced on Monday that some of the businesses in the state, including gyms, hair and nail salons and bowling alleys will be allowed to open on Friday as the state moves toward reopening its economy, The Hill reports.

Those businesses will be required to stagger shifts, keep workspaces six feet apartment and screen workers for respiratory illnesses and fevers. Workers may also have to wear masks and gloves when “appropriate”, he added.

Theaters, private social clubs and restaurants will be allowed to reopen from April 27 and will be required to follow the same requirements. Bars and nightclubs will remain closed.

"By taking this measured action, we will get Georgians back to work safely without undermining the progress we all have made in this battle against COVID-19," Kemp said at a press conference.

Kemp’s announcement follows President Donald Trump’s move last week to issue guidelines for states to begin lifting restrictions.

"Georgians that are small business owners have common sense and we're trusting them to use it," Kemp said on Monday, according to The Hill.

Kemp said he feels comfortable allowing some businesses to open because of "favorable data," enhanced testing and the approval of state health officials.

Georgia has 18,947 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and has reported 733 deaths as of Monday afternoon.