Merav Michaeli
Merav Michaeli Miriam Alster / Flash 90

MK Merav Michaeli (Labor) addressed a letter to the Prime Minister, Chairman of the Histadrut, Civil Service Commission and President of the Manufacturers' Association, calling for elected officials and others to accept a pay cut in light of the coronavirus crisis, after announcing she was giving up her own salary increase.

"In times of severe economic stagnation, when many citizens lose their income and are in 'survival mode,' numerous public resources are required to remedy the situation. It is appropriate for elected officials and senior public sector executives to also bear the financial burden," Michaeli said.

She added: "I urge you to use the tools at your disposal to bring about a wage cut for public officials and high salary earners in the public sector in order to maintain the public's confidence in their elected officials and provide a worthy and valuable personal example."

Four days ago, Michaeli attacked what she claimed was a lack of women in decision-making circles of the coronavirus crisis. "The Israeli government has appointed a team to manage the exit from the coronavirus crisis. It has 23 men on it. I swear. I did not invent this figure. Oh, and six more research assistants. All men. [Just] two female assistants."

"All men; every one of them. From the head of national security to the Prime Minister. And what exemplary leadership they provide. They do not provide enough inspections, don't ensure guidelines are maintained; they don't follow their own guidelines. Obviously, they are men," she wrote.