Kfar Chabad
Kfar ChabadYaakov Nachumi, Flash 90

Chairman of the Kfar Chabad Committee, Rabbi Shimon Rabinowitz said that the Health Ministry statistics regarding how many coronavirus patients are in Kfar Chabad creates a misrepresentation in the media which harms the town's image.

In a letter sent to the Health Ministry's Director-General, Rabinowitz wrote that "Kfar Chabad is known in Israel to be a town which spreads light, happiness, and Judaism to all parts of Israel - and it is being presented in the media's headlines as a town which is at the top of the list of coronavirus cases in Israel. In reality, Kfar Chabad is at the top of the recovery list, and the residents of the town strictly adhere to the Health Ministry guidelines and their rabbis' guidelines."

Chabad rabbis have clearly and repeatedly stressed that Health Ministry guidelines must be followed, including the guidelines regarding staying at home over the Passover holiday.

Rabinowitz also emphasized that the group of young men who arrived from New York and are listed in their identity cards as being residents of Kfar Chabad have not actually set foot in the town at all during the past year.

According to him, the Health Ministry is aware of the fact that there has not been an outbreak of coronavirus in Kfar Chabad, like there was in Bnei Brak, and also knows that most of those who contracted coronavirus did not reside in Kfar Chabad but in New York.

The Committe takes issue with the way the Health Ministry is presenting the statistics, since it creates a picture in which Kfar Chabad seems to be a coronavirus hotspot, and this mistaken image is projected by the media as well.

"The true statistics show that in Kfar Chabad there is no longer any infection, the number of coronavirus cases has not risen, and in fact the number of coronavirus patients has dropped drastically, by 45%, with over 20 patients recovering," the letter read.

The Committee requested that the Health Ministry change the way the statistics are presented, and "from now on express the facts detailed above when presenting the statistics, so that no mistake or impediment will come from your work."