Rabbi Melamed (L)
Rabbi Melamed (L)Arutz Sheva

Beit El yeshiva head Rabbi Zalman Melamed seeks to strengthen the people of Israel in dealing with the coronavirus that also affected Passover this year.

"I don't call these days difficult days, but challenging days. We have to look at reality correctly. We're defending ourselves against the pandemic and the defense is very helpful. We're very sorry for every person affected by the coronavirus, but we must look at everything in proper proportions," explains the rabbi.

He said, "These days are challenging. We celebrated Passover this year in a different way than we are used to celebrating every year. We were each with his limited and nuclear family. Of course, it is much more gratifying to be with the wider family and celebrate together, thanking G-d for bringing us out of Egypt to Israel, and that we're in the process of redemption, but also this reality, the limited celebration, contained a virtue and not just a drawback.

"We know that everything comes from G-d and everything that happens in the world is for the best. You always have to look and see the depth of things and see the good that exists in the difficulties and the struggles," adds Rabbi Melamed.

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