Soldier in Har Nof, Jerusalem
Soldier in Har Nof, JerusalemYehonatan Weltzer/TPS

The government is expected to approve on Monday severe restrictions for the coming days to prevent large gatherings including those of extended family on the last days of Passover.

The ministers will be asked to approve, according to the outline, a total ban on leaving the home, which will take effect tomorrow at 5 PM and will continue until Thursday morning.

There is also concern regarding the celebration of Mimouna, a festival of North African Jewish origin which is held the day after Passover. As a result residents will be banned from leaving their neighborhoods from Tuesday at 5 PM until Sunday morning at 6 AM.

Health Ministry officials said there was serious concern that many citizens would seek to utilize the last day of Passover and Mimouna for extended family gatherings that were banned on Seder night.

Health Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov again called on the public to stay home and not congregate in large numbers.

"The danger of contracting and spreading the coronavirus has not yet passed," he said. "I reiterate that leaving the home should only be done for essential activities such as purchase of food and medicine.

"I understand it's hard to stay home for so long, but the public has proven its ability to heed the guidelines and protect all of our families," he added.

"Large family gatherings put all of our lives at risk. We have seen what happened in other countries where discipline faltered, and so we need to accustom ourselves to sustaining discipline over a long period of time, so as not to find ourselves in a similar situation. I reiterate: Stay home," he concluded.