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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will decide whether to advance an "exit strategy" from the coronavirus crisis only over the coming weekend, and then make final decisions on the guidelines in the week following Passover.

Channel 12 News reported that the biggest debate between the government ministries surrounded the education system and whether some students could be brought back to school by next week.

A senior health ministry official has recommended that Netanyahu wait to re-open the education system, saying that "it is very early to return to school despite the stress. Other countries are not talking about it either and it is not a simple matter."

The Health Ministry is also concerned that increased talk about the exit strategy will lead to loosening in the public discipline, so the possibility of imposing a strict curfew or closure during the last day of Passover is on the table.

Health Ministry director-general Moshe Bar Siman Tov said Sunday: "The danger of contracting and spreading the coronavirus has not yet passed. I reiterate that leaving home should only be done for essential activities such as purchasing food and medicine. A mask should be worn every time you step outside your home, you should maintain a distance of two meters from passersby, and it is very important to continuously wash your hands."

"I understand that it is difficult to stay home for a long time, but the public has demonstrated its ability to comply with guidelines and protect all of our families."

Bar Siman Tov emphasized: "Hosting holiday gatherings puts all of our lives at risk. We have seen what happens in other countries where discipline has loosened and we need to gain discipline over time so as not to reach these situations. I stress again - stay home every day of the holiday."