Hani Lifshitz
Hani Lifshitz Spokesperson

Minister of Culture and Sport MK Miri Regev, Chairman of the Committee on Symbolic and Ceremonial Affairs, announced Sunday to Chani Lifshitz that she has been chosen to light a torch at the annual ceremony closing Memorial Day events and opening the 72nd Independence Day of the State of Israel.

Minister Miri Regev said following the announcement, "I am pleased to announce my decision to select Chani Lipshitz to bear a torch on Israel's 72nd Independence Day. Chani Lipshitz, Chabad emissary in Kathmandu, Nepal, symbolizes the concern for others, warm hospitality and love of the Jewish People that characterize the holy work of Chabad Houses around the world.”

"Chani founded her Chabad House in Kathmandu twenty years ago and since then it has been a warm home for tens of thousands of Israelis and Jews from all over the world alongside being a beacon of kindness, a gathering place for all parts of Israeli society and an oasis of wellbeing and rescue for all those in need," Regev noted.

According to Regev, "Chani admirably expresses the vision of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe and the outstretched hand of Chabad Houses around the world at every hour to assist in routine and emergency. The kindness and love of others typical of Hani, her husband, and Chabad emissaries around the world, is the glue that brings the Jewish People together from all corners and communities at Chabad Houses worldwide. The activities of Chabad Houses around the world, serving as a ‘safe haven’ for every Jew in the world at all times, and certainly during these days of coping with the coronavirus epidemic, is praiseworthy.”

The Culture Ministry said that the torch-lighting ceremony will take place this year under the theme of connections within Israeli society.

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