The anti-Semitic sticker
The anti-Semitic stickerFederal Association of Departments for Research and Information on Antisemitism

An anti-Semitic sticker was discovered in a Hamburg subway wagon. The sticker compares state measures against COVID-19 sufferers with the treatment of the Jews by the Nazis

In a subway car between Barmbek and St. Pauli was wrong, two stickers were attached to the windows. One of the two stickers consisted of a yellow heart with the text "I ☣ CORONA". The second one had the shape of a star of David in yellow color with the inscription "Coronavirus!!", and in the middle the symbol for biohazard.

Vice-Chairman of the World Zionist Organization Yaakov Hagoel responded to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The coronavirus does not differentiate between race, gender or religion but it does gives fertile ground for anti-Semitic conspiracies. This phenomenon of accusing the Jews of creating epidemics and diseases is not new. We have already seen it in the Middle Ages during the Black Plague. Back then, anti-Semites incited against the Jews and accused them of somehow being behind the plague. The big difference between then and now is that today we have the State of Israel. We are strong and proud and we will continue to fight Antisemitism and we will prevail with our heads held high."