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The grandson of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, Yonatan Ben Artzi, apologized this evening after issuing a public wish that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu contract the coronavirus.

"I don't wish coronavirus on anyone, not to Netanyahu either. Apologies for the matter," Ben Artzi wrote.

Ben Artzi caused an uproar on social media after allowing himself to publicly wish coronavirus on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"If Netanyahu lied to the people of Israel and basically only did playacting saying 'we must have an emergency coronavirus unity government' and basically meant an election then he deserves to contract coronavirus and end his life in a sick prison. Karma. Happy Holidays Nation of Israel. May we soon go back to hugging each other close close."

When he realized the outrage his words caused he qualified his statement: "Let me make it clear: Whoever uses human illnesses such as coronavirus to do politics deserves coronavirus. It's contempt and mockery of human life. Be well, just stop lying and playing around."

Minister Yoav Galant responded to Ben Artzi, writing: "Yonatan Ben Artzi, you need to understand better from others what you mustn't say about Prime Minister. I condemn the outrageous and ugly remarks."

Likud officials said, "Yonatan Ben-Artzi incites for death of the Prime Minister. Even as the Prime Minister is saving the lives of Israeli citizens, there's no limit to the hatred. Do you think anyone will launch an investigation against him?"

Last year Noa Rotman, the granddaughter of Rabin, accused Prime Minister Netanyahu of 'assassinating' Israel's democracy.

Rotman slammed Netanyahu and his government: "I sat on the fence and watched how the bastards are changing the system. How a criminal suspect holds the Israeli public hostage to save his skin and is ready to assassinate Israeli democracy in a live broadcast. How the health system collapses. How early childhood education is abandoned and untreated. How the Gaza Envelope is burning and the farmers are collapsing."

Also last year, Elihai Ben-Yishai, brother of Ruth Fogel who was murdered in an Islamic attack in Itamar along with her husband Ehud and three of their children in 2011, blastedRotman following her meeting with Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.