school צילום: ISTOCK

Education Ministry director-general Shmuel Abuab announced Tuesday the decision to implement a gradual return to school immediately after the Passover holiday, N12 reported.

The return to school will be based on shifts or intermittent learning. The options are for schools to have separate shifts in the morning and afternoons for different students, or for students to learn only three days a week, for about four hours a day.

The report states that returning to school will begin with special education students. Later, at-risk students and youth will also return, followed by preschools and kindergartens, and then elementary schools.

The high school students who will take the matriculation exams in the special format set by the Education Ministry will return to school afterwards.

Secretary-General of the Teachers' Union, Yaffe Ben-David, turned to the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Itamar Grotto, to consider once again the return to studies in special education institutions.

"It must be understood that in the special education settings the potential for infection, both of the children and of the caring staff, is huge. Some children have a weak immune system and background illness, respiratory problems, heart problems and more. We have children with every small virus that leads them to a prolonged stay at home and sometimes hospitalization."