seized spy tools
seized spy toolsShin Bet spokesperson

An Arab-Israeli citizen was arrested on suspicion of ties to Iranian intelligence agencies, it was cleared for publication Tuesday.

The investigation by the Shin Bet and the police revealed that the accused had been in secret contact with Iranian intelligence officials and the Lebanese Popular Front terrorist organization operative Khaled Yamani who was working for Iran.

It was also revealed that he had held several meetings abroad with Iranian intelligence agencies, in which he received funds, training, covert encryption tools, and codes so that he could continue to communicate with his handlers after returning to Israel.

Police also seized encryption tools and a disk which the suspect attempted to destroy.

The Shin Bet stated that the suspect was asked by his handlers to provide intelligence on many issues, including: security and strategic sites in Israel, how to deepen the rifts within Israeli society, identifying elements among Israeli Arabs which could assist Iran, and implementing terrorist activities against targets in Israel to carry out terrorist attacks with the goal of "liberating Palestine."

"The results of the investigation indicate the depth of ties between Iran and the Popular Front, and their efforts to carry out espionage and terrorist activities within Israel, even during the global confrontation with the coronavirus epidemic that has spread so devastatingly in Iran. This investigation once again demonstrates that Iran and its envoys are active in recruiting and exploiting Israeli civilians," the Shin Bet said.

The suspect, whose identity was not disclosed for security reasons, was indicted in the Lod District Court.