Prime Minister Netanyahu נתניהו
Prime Minister Netanyahu נתניהו Flash90

Israel's government on Tuesday afternoon approved new emergency measures to limit activity, in a further attempt to contain the spread of coronavirus over Passover.

The new lockdown, announced Monday evening, will not allow citizens to leave their towns. It will go into effect at 7:00p.m. on Tuesday, and remain in effect until 6:00a.m. on Friday morning. Exceptions will be made for the purchase of food, medicine, or other essential items, and for essential services, if they cannot be received in the town. Jerusalem will be divided into quarters.

The guidelines also state that from 8:00p.m. on Tuesday until 8:00a.m. on Sunday, there will be no public transportation, including international flights. International passenger flights will be allowed to operate only with prior approval from the Transportation and Interior ministries. Private group transportation will be permissible only in accordance with the guidelines, and taxis will operate according to the guidelines and only for essential needs.

Beginning on Wednesday, April 8, at 3:00p.m., purchase of food will also be forbidden. The government emphasized that citizens are required to spend the Passover holiday in the homes in which they live. This ban will be in place until April 9, at 7:00a.m.

These guidelines will not apply in towns in which the majority of the population is not Jewish. Citizens of all religions will be permitted to purchase food until Wednesday, April 8, at 3:00p.m.

It will also be permissible to transport children between the homes of their divorced parents.

Meanwhile, the Health Ministry Director-General has signed an order requiring Israelis to wear masks outside their homes. The masks must cover both the nose and mouth, and must be masks intended for the purpose or homemade in accordance with the Health Ministry guidelines.

It is believed that masks which cover both the nose and mouth reduce transmission of coronavirus.

Children under age six will not be required to wear masks, nor will those with mental, emotional, or medical issues which significantly increase the difficulty involved in wearing a mask.

The order will also not apply to those who are in a vehicle, building, or room without additional persons, who are in the above locations with other members of their household, or who are participating in the broadcast of media which requires speaking during the broadcast, so long as the person remains two meters from other people. Two employees who consistently work in the same room at their place of employment also do not have to wear masks, as long as they maintain two meters from each other, in accordance with the guidelines.

The order to wear masks will go into effect on Sunday morning at 7:00a.m.