Coronavirus wedding
Coronavirus weddingShachar Wein

Orit Zamir (31) of Nahariya and Peter Katchker (34) of Haifa, both of whom are lab workers, planned to wed in April, but were not counting on a coronavirus outbreak.

Meanwhile, the health of Orit's mother deteriorated, leading the couple to decide to wed as quickly as possible.

When crews from Magen David Adom's (MDA) "wishing ambulance" heard about the young couple determined to marry while the bride's mother could still be there, they immediately joined the efforts to make it happen. On the eve of the wedding, they brought the bride's mother to the wedding, and accompanied her throughout the evening.

A few guests arrived at the synagogue in Moshav Ben Ami, which agreed to host the wedding, and celebrated with the new couple.

"Peter was working in the lab the morning of the wedding, examining coronavirus tests," Orit said. "The seamstress for my wedding dress came out of isolation that morning, together with the dress itself, but when the evening came, I knew I could relax."

"I saw that my mother was enjoying herself a lot, and I knew that MDA's 'wish ambulance' paramedics were taking care of her and protecting her from everything."

"When Orit turned to us, I knew that this would be a more complicated task than usual, since our paramedics are overloaded," Yonat Deskel, who ran the ambulance, said. "Despite the overload, it was clear to us that we would make every effort to allow the couple to wed with the bride's mother celebrating together with them."

"We allowed this wish to be fulfilled after we ensured that all of the Health Ministry's coronavirus safety requirements would be met, and it was a very happy and emotional evening."

"This was a very special and amazing experience, and we're very happy we did it," the couple concluded.