Netanyahu announces new restrictions
Netanyahu announces new restrictionsFlash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced a general closure on all Israeli cities from 4 PM tomorrow tomorrow until Friday banning travel between cities. The lockdown is in response to concerns that the coronavirus may spread further over the Passover holiday.

"The next days will determine the direction - progress or retreat and for many people - life or death," Netanyahu said at the start of his remarks.

"Anyone who thinks that the coronavirus crisis can end with a bang and then we'll be done is badly mistaken. When it comes to the health and life of Israeli citizens, there must be no shortcuts. We saw what happened a month ago on the Purim holiday, when the virus spread in large proportions. Passover will not be Purim. Every nuclear family will celebrate the Seder by itself," Netanyahu added.

Under the new directive, citizens will not be allowed to leave their homes on the night of the Passover Seder. In Jerusalem, travel between neighborhoods is expected to be banned.

The ministerial committee is expected to approve these new guidelines tonight following statements by Prime Minister Netanyahu and the director-general of the Health Ministry,

In addition, public transportation in the Jewish sector will be stopped from tomorrow evening until Sunday. On Sunday, public transportation will resume operating at 5 AM.