MK Mickey Zohar
MK Mickey Zohar Hezki Baruch

Likud MK Miki Zohar responded to threats made on Monday by senior officials from the Blue & White party, who reportedly said that if a coalition agreement was not signed with them, they would advance legislation designed to prevent Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from forming a government.

“Gantz’s threat to the Prime Minister, that he will support legislation directed personally against him, reminds me of Mafia tactics,” Zohar wrote on Twitter. “If that’s how he thinks a democracy should be run, I suggest he think again and stop this ugly scheming. I urge the Prime Minister not to capitulate.”

Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer also commented in his Twitter account on the reports that Blue & White had given Likud an ultimatum.

"I see that Benny Gantz gave an ultimatum to the Prime Minister that if he doesn’t sign an agreement with him within the hour, he will advance legislation that prohibits a MK under indictment from serving as prime minister. So, make up your mind, Mr. [Knesset] Speaker (Benny Gantz - ed). If they don’t sign with you in the next hour, our legislation is waiting for you on the Knesset table.”

Blue & White denies that any ultimatum has been made, and claims that negotiations are ongoing.

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