The Judicial Appointments Committee
The Judicial Appointments Committee Hadas Parush/Flash 90

The Yamina party on Monday morning expressed support for Likud's stance regarding the inclusion of how judges are appointed in the coalition agreements with Blue and White.

"We support the Likud's demand for a change in the Judicial Appointments Committee. The right-wing bloc's caving to Blue and White on the matter of the Judicial Appointments Committee, after the Likud has already caved in giving the justice portfolio to [Blue and White MK Avi] Nissenkorn, must be a red line.

"Restraining legal activism and changing Aharon Barak's legacy are among the most important issues of the nationalist camp. Only recently have we seen a vivid example of a blatant High Court interference in the work of the Knesset, while trampling the separation of the powers.

"Giving up on this issue would be a red line that Likud should not cross. "

Earlier on Monday, Blue and White MK Hili Tropper said that "on the issue of judicial appointments, we are naturally not willing to accept any dilution whatsoever of the authority of the Justice Ministry. [Blue and White Chairman MK] Benny Gantz made a very tough and courageous decision to attempt to form an emergency government because he believes that this is in the country's best interest, but such a government will only come into being if democracy is preserved. This is what he has resolved, and this remains our position."

"We are not prepared for any change to the way things were done until now. If people want a change, we can talk about anything, but that's not happening now, not in an emergency government, when we have the coronavirus crisis hanging over our heads. So right now we are dealing with what is urgent and we are continuing with exactly how judges were appointed until now, how senior officials were appointed until now. When they want to talk about other things, we will."