bus carrying coronavirus patient
bus carrying coronavirus patient Police spokesperson

Police arrested a coronavirus patient on a public bus on his way to Jerusalem Sunday.

The incident began when police received information from the patient's family, and a check by the police about his whereabouts revealed that the patient was most likely on a public bus making his way on Route 1, toward Jerusalem.

Police officers in the area and enforcing the Public Health Order Guidelines were able to stop the bus near the Hamad interchange within 34 minutes.

The cops located the passenger with the virus and arrested him suspicion of maliciously spreading the disease. The officers explained to all passengers that they were likely to have been in contact with a verified patient and that they were required to go into isolation and report it on the Health Ministry website.

The driver of the bus was fined NIS 5,000 for violating the guidelines of the Public Health Order and transporting more than the permitted number of passengers. He was also detained for questioning.