Yamina party
Yamina party spokesperson

Yamina party members continued to attack Netanyahu for preferring Blue and White over the religious Zionist party and failing to offer them any tangible cabinet ministries.

"We are not part of Netanyahu and Gantz's game of empty chairs. Over the past week, Netanyahu has been conducting negotiations alone, without his [primary backers] for the past year. If Netanyahu sells out everything that matters, we have no intention of becoming a fig leaf in the left-wing government that sells the Justice Department, does away with [proposed] sovereignty [over Judea and Samaria], repeals the Kaminitz Law and more."

Sources in Yamina hinted they would consider supporting Yesh Atid legislation preventing a Knesset member accused of criminal charges from running for office and promised to promote their values ​​from within the coalition or from the outside looking in. They said these included: a Greater Israel, judicial reform, Jewish identity of the State of Israel, free market, and the war on corruption.

"The one responsible for doing away with the right bloc will be Netanyahu," read a Yamina statement.

"Note that the Likud's coalition negotiating team chairman, MK Yariv Levin, offered Yamina a place in the unity government and the education portfolio alongside another junior portfolio of [our] choice. We do not view this as a serious proposal and demand additional government portfolios as well as the right to negotiate the guiding principles of the [emerging coalition.]"

Earlier in the day, MK Ayelet Shaked told Arutz Sheva that "despite loyalty and a year-and-a-half joint path during which we had other very significant alternatives and chose not to take them, we thought it appropriate to proceed as one camp, [but] once again the Likud seems to be disposing of us."

She said the Likud was ignoring Yamina, failing to include it in coalitionary negotiations. "We mostly get our news from the media. It seems that Netanyahu and Gantz will sign an agreement today or tomorrow, contrary to what the prime minister promised. His priority was supposed to be an agreement with the right-wing bloc and only then the Blue and White party. At the moment, in the Likud they [prefer the haredim over religious Zionism.]"

"We didn't even [consider setting] ultimatums and red lines. We [expected] serious and intensive negotiations and I'm sorry to say this did not happen. I think religious Zionism, both as a sector and the ideological backbone of the entire right wing, will not forgive a betrayal of this magnitude after such a faithful partnership over many, many years and a lot of [effort]," Shaked added.

Does the situation suggest that Yamina is on its way to the opposition? Shaked isn't sure. "Politics are impossible to predict. We may sit in the opposition, or appear to be an influential part of the coalition. Right now, there seems to be a breakdown of all right-wing values. I led a revolution in the judicial system in recent years and in the best-case scenario [all my work] will be completely halted. In the worst, it will return to being what it was before."

''On the economic level, when there are two [former] union heads with significant power and government portfolios, nothing can be done about a liberal economy. As far as security and settlement [of the Land], everything is being handed to the left-wing and we don't even know what will happen to the sovereignty movement. The situation appears to be very precarious."