Employment Service
Employment ServiceCourtesy of the Employment Service

The Employment Service reports that the unemployment rate in Israel continues to rise in light of the coronavirus crisis, and this morning it stands at 24.6 percent.

Since the last update yesterday at 17:00, the Employment Service registered 7,290 new job seekers, and in the last day 25,380 new job seekers registered, compared with 32,137 yesterday, and about 24,000 Sunday and Monday.

Since the crisis began in early March and until today, the Employment Service has registered 866,907 new job seekers. 89.3% of them were sent on vacation without pay and 6.6% were fired.

The Employment Service reports an alarming trend of an increase in the number of layoffs among new applicants for unemployment benefits, in tandem with a decrease in the number of employees who were sent on vacation without pay.

Yesterday and the day before the rate of those sent to unpaid vacation was only 83.7%, while outright layoffs accounted for 9.1% and 10.4%, respectively.