NetanyahuFlash 90

The Honorable
Prime Minister
Binyamin Netanyahu


Re: Determining Red Lines for Unity Government by Right Bloc

We are very disturbed by recent media reports about what appears to be the sale of all the important assets and values important to the Right for the seventeen seats that MK Benny Gantz brings with him to the government.

The impending concession of the Justice Department, the Kaminitz Law, which dramatically reduced illegal construction in the Arab sector, and elements of the Nationality Law, giving Gantz veto power over granting sovereignty over the communities in Judea and Samaria, rumors of giving responsibility for handling Bedouin settlement in the Negev to Amir Peretz, repealing the Deposit Law and abandoning the goal of removing the infiltrators back to their countries, handing over the security portfolio without establishing any mechanisms that would allow the continued development of settlement, and more.

We also hear of constitutional amendments to Israeli basic law and are worried about preserving the Jewish identity of the State within the basic guidelines of the emerging government.

The unity government is indeed the order of the day and is bound by both the political reality and the challenge of handling the coronavirus crisis. In the first place, it was clear that it would demand concessions on both sides and the Right would not be able to get everything it wants. However, there must be red lines. A unity government mustn't be a Leftist government, even if headed by you, and it cannot be disassociated with all the Right-leaning assets.

We hear about the importance you attach to maintaining unity within the Right in a unity government, too, and of course we believe this is indeed an important and necessary goal for the future. However, we do not see how this statement is translated into practice. Negotiations are conducted by you without consulting or updating the leaders of the bloc and decisions are made on such important and fateful issues. The unity of the bloc cannot work in one direction only when the Likud is in need. This is a two-sided commitment to partnership in decision-making and forming the government and automatically, the State's future for years to come.

We seek to clarify as soon as possible the concerns raised above and to establish a consultation mechanism and joint decision-making before irrevocable agreements with MK Benny Gantz will be concluded that will confront us with accomplished facts that we're not sure we can live with in a government, and in any case as part of the Right-leaning bloc.


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