Violence in the Arab sector
Violence in the Arab sectorDavid Cohen/FLASH90

The National Committee for the March of Return and the Struggle against the 'Deal of the Century' called on Gazans not to travel to the Israeli border on March 30 for "Land Day" demonstrations to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

Instead, the Committee is expected to hold a press conference in a "refugee camp" (in the "Malka" area in eastern Gaza) near the Israeli border. Local residents will not be present at the ceremony.

The official event will include the raising of Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flags and speeches regarding Palestinian Arab adherence to "national founding principles" and the continuation of the struggle until a "return" to Israel and "national independence."

The ceremony will also include the burning of Israeli flags which, according to the commission, represent the historical injustice and oppression against the "Palestinian people's" struggle against the "occupation."

Land Day will be marked by a siren at noon and a five-minute cessation of activity in Gaza.