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The radical left organization B'Tselem claimed on Thursday that the Civil Administration had confiscated tents used as an emergency clinic for Palestinian Arab COVID-19 patients in the Ibizik district of the Jordan Valley.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in Judea and Samaria denied the claim and attacked the radical organization, "We regret to see that the human rights organization cynically seeks to exploit a global crisis in order to distribute Fake News while joint efforts between Israel and the PA are underway to curb the [effects of the] coronavirus."

"As for the claims - this is not an emergency clinic for the treatment of corona patients – or any other kind of clinic. This is a complete lie. This is a traversable structure built on unauthorized land in the Jordan Valley along with tent covers and rods for erecting tents for unclear purposes. It should be clear that no appeal was received on the part of the Civil Administration regarding the establishment of an emergency clinic in the area neither from the Palestinian Authority nor [any] international organization."

The IDF noted that on March 24, a Civil Administration inspector identified the construction of a watchtower erected by a Bardela resident in Area C without the necessary permits - neither from Israel nor the PA. "The resident was given a work stoppage order, and today the enforcement unit [took down] the structure in question including the equipment placed beside it."

"And finally, while B'Tselem is spreading lies about Israel, the unit for government-coordinating operations in Judea and Samaria will continue to coordinate efforts with the Palestinian Authority and international organizations to help curb the spread of the coronavirus through the introduction of coronavirus tests, disinfectants and other medical equipment to Judea and Samaria and the Gaza Strip."