Rivlin meets Gantz, Netanyahu
Rivlin meets Gantz, Netanyahu Chaim Tzach/GPO

Srugim reported that Prime Minister Netanyahu and Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz agreed to restart talks to establish an emergency unity government yesterday. While the plan faces strong opposition from within the left-wing bloc and Blue and White is on the verge of falling apart due to Gantz's apparent willingness to sit in a unity government with the Likud, the parties appear to be on the cusp of an agreement.

The coalition would consist of up to 78 members, including 58 from the right-wing bloc, 3 from the Labor party, 17 from Gantz's Hosen L'Yisrael (Israel Resilience) along with Telem's MKs Zvika Hauser and Yoaz Handel, and Gesher leader Orly Levy.

The unity rotational government would see Netanyahu and Gantz each serving a year and a half terms as Prime Minister.

Ministerial portfolios (those agreed upon so far) would be divided as follows:

Minister of Justice - Hili Tropper (Israel Resilience)

Knesset Speaker - MK from the Likud until 2021 followed by Israel Resilience

Minister of Public Security: Gilad Arden (Likud)

Defense Minister: Gabi Ashkenazi (Israel Resilience)

Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister – Gantz (taking the post of Prime Minister in September 2021)

Minister of Finance - Likud portfolio

The rationale, as Netanyahu explained, is that an acting prime minister must have the Knesset Speaker, Public Security and Finance Ministers from his own party. The ministers are to be switched around when Gantz takes over, according to the agreement being negotiated.