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Political commentator Maria Liyubman left Soviet Russia at the age of five. She remembers being silenced by her parents because a child asking logical-but-inconvenient questions could get her parents into real trouble with the government. She saw her father and her grandparents for the last time before boarding a train to Moscow and then a plane to Israel.

Liyubman was raised on listening to Soviet propaganda and was educated by her aunt-turned-adopted grandmother to always think critically.

After 2015 and the V15 elections she finally started reading literature written by Russian dissidents such as Vladimir Bukovsky, whom she later found out was a close friend to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

Asking the question “why is Netanyahu so hated” in 2015 has put her on a journey to integrate everything she learned from her grandmother and her experience as a child in Soviet Russia.

Relating to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein's resignation yesterday over what he called "a Supreme Court attempt to take over the legislature," Liyubman told Arutz Sheva: "Seeing him give that speech made me cry; it felt like a war hero was being replaced by terrorists."

She says: "If it angers the knee-jerk Leftists, it must be a smart move on Edelstein’s part. Otherwise they’d be celebrating instead of cursing him right now."

Liyubman also has a message for her fellow Russian-speakers in Israel, especially those who support Avigdor Liberman's "Yisrael Beyteinu" ("Israel is our Home") Party. In a Facebook post, she wrote: "Hello to all the Yisrael Beyteinu voters, including immigrants from the former Soviet Union; I wanted to tell you two things today:

"1: You were silent about the haredim? Liberman made a deal with terrorists against a Prisoner of Zion!
"2: Can't get out of the house? Liberman parked in a forbidden place and opened a barber shop in violation of the law so that the gentleman could get a haircut.

"Israel is not your home, the slogan 'Yisrael Beyteinu' today seems to come from Orwell's book:

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is power
Yisrael Beyteinu."

She concludes: "On behalf of anyone who has actually immigrated to the State of Israel because he is a Jew who wants to be a part of it, on behalf of anyone who has come to love the country, on behalf of anyone who has lost his property and in my case half his family to live in Israel as a Jew and as a free woman - Israel is not your home."

Of the Left, Liyubman says: "They’ve been using the 'peace' tactics ever since the first 1917 Revolution. And we all fell for it."

She recommends more far-reaching measures to fight future pandemic outbreaks of the nature the world is witnessing now: "Put the top communist officials and top torturers and violators of human rights on trial Nuremberg style, to bring justice to victims and educate the ignorant masses about communist atrocities.

"I find it mind-boggling how almost criminally ignorant people are when it comes to knowing what it’s like to live under communist regimes." Closing her words to Arutz Sheva she said, "please write that if anyone from China is reading this, tell them the world knows and the world is listening."