Netanyahu announces new restrictions
Netanyahu announces new restrictions Flash 90

The Cabinet in a telephone vote today, Wednesday, approved emergency regulations on extending the validity – and postponing the expiry date – of regulatory permits pursuant to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's directive to Prime Minister's Office Director General Ronen Peretz to act to complete the easing of a series of regulatory restrictions for business owners.

In the framework of the regulations, the bureaucratic processes anticipated by business owners will be deferred for two months. Inter alia, all existing authorizations, permits, licenses by the authorities, which are issued to business owners, will be automatically extended by two months. All monetary penalties will similarly be postponed. The decision was submitted by Justice Minister Amir Ohana and the Justice Ministry, which assisted in a broad legislative solution.

Among the regulations that were approved:

* Licenses to operate a business in all local authorities will be automatically extended both to ease conditions for businesses that are operating while reducing personnel and to ease conditions for business that have been compelled to close temporarily due to the situation.

* Licenses to operate a business that are issued by various government offices (such as the Fire and Rescue Service, the Health Ministry, the Environmental Protection Ministry, etc.) will be automatically extended.

* It will be unnecessary to renew permits for the continuation of ongoing activity. The permits will be extended automatically for two months.

* All import permits will be automatically renewed, without the need for a new permit, in order to facilitate the flow of goods to the economy and to prevent shortages and delays.

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