Yitzhak Stiglitz with Dr. Abad Khaleila
Yitzhak Stiglitz with Dr. Abad KhaleilaHadassah Medical Center

World Bnei Akiva on Wednesday mourned the passing of Yitzhak Stiglitz, a former Secretary-General of the organization.

"World Bnei Akiva bows its head at the passing of Yitzhak Stiglitz, former Mazkal (Secretary-General - ed.) of the movement," World Bnei Akiva said in a statement signed by Roi Abecassis, the organization's current Mazkal.

"Yitzhak, a man of Torah and Avodah in heart and soul, led the movement from 1991 to 1998. Prior to that, he served as Bnei Akiva’s Central Shaliach (emissary) to Europe and as a shaliach to Switzerland.

"Yitzhak lived with a firm belief in the central role of World Bnei Akiva, and in educating its chanichim (members) to a life of Torah and Avodah (Torah integrated with employment - ed.) and encouraging them to make aliyah (immigrate) to Israel.

"Even after his term as Mazkal, he continued to contribute to the movement, to be involved and to be a significant part in the movement's ideological direction.

"Inspiring stories about Bnei Akiva’s impact, that he collected over the years, stirred his heart and further inspired those around him.

"Yitzhak’s final journey will be accompanied by only a handful of people around him, but thousands of thousands of World Bnei Akiva alumni worldwide accompany him today from afar.

"Dear Yitzhak, Yad Achim Lecha Shelucha, a brotherly hand is extended to you. May your memory always be for a blessing."