The yeshiva is full of students with coronavirus symptoms, but learning continues as usual: In a video posted several days ago by 770 "Kvutza" yeshiva students in Brooklyn, New York, students are trying to reassure parents in Israel: "Life goes on as usual." But meanwhile, the "coronavirus flight" landed with about 65 yeshiva students who contracted the virus. A yeshiva student who chose to stay in the Crown Heights yeshiva told Ynet that he and his friends are suffering from coronavirus symptoms, but are closed in the yeshiva without treatment.

"In the Crown Heights neighborhood, a lot of test kits are missing, so they asked all the young people not to get tested," he testifies. "But my friends and I have most of the symptoms: Headaches, very high fever, and more recently a new symptom: the loss of taste and smell that we have all experienced."

A significant increase in carriers was recently reported in Brooklyn, with two haredi neighborhoods Borough Park and Williamsburg identified as the epicenters of the eruption. "We have one doctor in the entire neighborhood who said himself that according to the examination he did, most of the neighborhood - about 70% of it - was already sick with coronavirus. Not all of them were discovered, some didn't want to be examined. But our yeshiva knows clearly that most of the guys in our area are sick."

The student said Health Ministry guidelines are strictly maintained in the dorms, and that the boys are in isolation in their rooms, but he gives a worrying report: "At the moment they want to send everyone who is here back to Israel. They basically claim that they cannot watch our health here. So they want to take us from the dorm and send us to Israel. What will actually happen will be coronavirus flight #2.

"I don't think there are any guys who want to fly back, partly because the Health Ministry in Israel, through our Chabad representatives, asked several times that we not come. Whoever flew - flew already. Whoever's here - it's better to stay with us, and then do no harm. I'd be happy to ask yeshiva management to leave us the building; the main thing is that there be the complete redemption."

The student continued: "I'm not afraid for myself, but I'm very worried. It's known that all of Israel are responsible for each other, and I don't want to infect anyone. Even when I walk down the street, I try not to get near people, not to touch any surface because I know I'm a coronavirus patient, and so I don't touch anything. I'm very careful about such a thing."