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The coronavirus crisis has brought many aspects of life to a halt, but the world of kindness never stops - especially not now, when those that are in need are more desperate than ever.

Arutz Sheva joined the staff of Meir Panim, an organization which provides food and warmth to the needy, as they operate - in accordance with Health Ministry guidelines - in the central city of Or Akiva.

Mimi Rozmaryn, Director of Global Development at Meir Panim, explained: "Everyone that's volunteering here has a mask and gloves. We want to create a situation where the disadvantaged can come and get what they need in a safe and healthy environment."

She added: "Our Meals-on-Wheels has increased a lot, and it's a very large expense. It costs our organization a lot more money to prepare and package a Meals-on-Wheels meal, than it does to serve meals in our Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens."

Now that hotels and event halls have been shuttered, Meir Panim can no longer rely on receiving surplus produce from these institutions.

"Meir Panim gives me everything I need for myself and the rest of my family”," one elderly woman explained, adding that she lives with her daughter and eight grandchildren.

"There are many old and disabled people who would be without food if we didn't give them any," said Orly Yehezkel, a businesswoman and social activist.

"We have four times the number of families than we usually have ," said Ilanit Haputa, manager of Meir Panim in Or Akiva. "We have to cook every day, for hundreds of people, in addition to giving them fruits and vegetables. Some people can't come here, so the amazing staff, who are here from 7am every day, cook, pack and deliver to those who need it."

"We know the services we offer to people are vital," Rozmaryn said. “We are making sure to give our clients what they need by providing them with hot meals daily. We are doing it in a way that is in accordance with Israel's health and safety regulations. Hopefully, this very challenging period of time will come to an end and we pray everyone will stay healthy”

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