Infant in NICU
Infant in NICU iStock

On Monday, a premature baby hospitalized in the NICU in Shaarei Zedek hospital, Jerusalem, tested positive for coronavirus.

The baby was tested after a woman working at the hospital suspected that she had contracted the virus and was herself tested. The test was positive, and it is believed that she contracted the virus outside the hospital. Last week, she worked several shifts at Shaarei Zedek including one shift in the NICU.

A comprehensive investigation was then made in the NICU, as a result of which it was discovered that one of the babies had contracted the virus. This baby was born extremely prematurely with a very low birth weight and is in serious condition with many complications aside from those associated with coronavirus.

In order to prevent contagion, several staff members as well as the parents of some of the babies have been sent into quarantine.

A hospital spokesperson stated: “I would like to stress that at Shaarei Zedek, we use every means available to protect our staff, and likewise we take the strictest measures to ensure the safety of our patients.”