Singer Yaakov Shwekey on Saturday night uploaded a new music video featuring a song for a perfect world.

"The world we live in is spinning so fast. So many people around the world this 'imperfect world' are being challenged on a daily basis with illnesses or other challenges," he wrote. "We continue to pray as one for the day we wake up and see that perfect world, where all humans who are suffering, suffer no more!"

"I dedicate this song to a perfect soul, whom every time I hear her voice on a recording, her voice gives me hope and joy. She suffered tremendously in this world, yet every time I saw her she was upbeat and made the best out of it... Malky Hirth A”H (of blessed memory). Malky please pray for all of us to see that perfect world soon. Amen!"

Composed by Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by Miriam Israeli
Arranged by Ravid Kashti
Video Production: OlamMedia JLM
Producer: Chana Orian
Director: Aharon Orian
Cinematographer: David Orian