Children and coronavirus
Children and coronavirusiStock

With a sense of isolation during these trying times, educators and community leaders are doing their part to instill a sense of togetherness even while separated.

“While we might be confined to our own homes, we can still do something to feel like we aren’t all alone,” said Shlomit Veber, Ohr Torah Stone’s Yachad program coordinator in the northern Israeli town of Yokneam.

“Last night, we invited members of our community to ‘Get Through This Together’ by making signs with the slogan of unity during this challenging time and hanging them outside their home for others to see. The response has been amazing and we’ve been receiving photos from all around the country!”

Communities from northern Israel all the way down to Eilat have joined the call, giving children a sense of shared experiences with their friends, family and country. “This show of community, resilience and the Jewish value of ‘kol Yisrael areivim ze bazeh – we are responsible for one another’ is something of which to be truly proud,” continued Veber.

Ohr Torah Stone's Yachad Program for Jewish Identity runs innovative programs through the Israeli Community Center network across Israel, with the goal of strengthening Israelis’ connection to their heritage, empowering them to connect to their roots in warm, non-coercive environments, and ensuring that Judaism is viewed as a source of meaning, guidance and pride. Families around the globe are invited to join the project in their own communities and send photos to Ohr Torah Stone.