Delegation of Conference of European Rabbis in Djerba
Delegation of Conference of European Rabbis in DjerbaEli Itkin

The coronavirus has reached the island of Djerba in Tunisia: The Tunisian Ministry of Health has informed a member of the Jewish community who returned from Turkey that he has contracted the virus and must stay in isolation.

As a result, about 40 members of the community who were in contact with the patient went into isolation, including the Chief Rabbi of Tunisia, Rabbi Haim Bittan, and his son Yaniv.

At a meeting convened by the Ministry of Health with the members of the community, a series of steps were decided upon to prevent the spread of the disease on the island: The closing of all synagogues and places of Torah study, as well as shutting down the education system and halting cultural activities. The food stores, pharmacies and medical services will be open until 6:00 p.m.

Rabbi Bittan asked for people to obey all the guidelines of the health ministries around the globe, saying, "We are all right, thank God, and I urge all the people of Israel to strengthen their faith and God will guard all the people of Israel. Amen.”

The Jewish community in Tunisia is concentrated in the "Great Jewish Quarter" on the island of Djerba that is entirely populated by Torah observant Jews.

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