Netanyahu announces new restrictions
Netanyahu announces new restrictions Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced Thursday night that the government will again approve emergency regulations for traffic restrictions tonight.

Netanyahu appealed to the citizens of Israel: "The response to the request to stay home is insufficient, so I am announcing an increase."

“The government will approve tonight emergency regulations to limit movement. You are ordered to stay at home… This isn’t a request, this isn’t a recommendation, but a binding requirement that will be enforced. The purpose of these instructions is to ensure as few people will be infected and will infect [others]," he said,

"The regulations will be in force for seven days, traffic restrictions will be dramatically enforced," the prime minister emphasized.

"We have closed the borders of the state, introduced a broad isolation requirement, imposed a congregation restriction, diluted the workplaces and implemented digital means to locate and isolate corona patients. The measures have slowed the rate of the epidemic in Israel compared to many countries in the world - but it continues to spread," Netanyahu said.