COVID-19 test kit
COVID-19 test kitiStock

In an operation conducted by the Mossad during the night between Wednesday and Thursday, the organization succeeded in bringing to Israel 100,000 coronavirus test kits from abroad.

At the same time, Mossad cyber staff is currently assisting the Health Ministry in writing unique software and applications for dealing with the virus. This is an unusual event, in which all the intelligence and security agencies of the State of Israel are mobilizing to assist efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

In the meantime, following the announcement yesterday on N12 News of lacking protective gear for medical teams, Defense Minister Bennett harnessed the procurement administration at the Defense Ministry to purchase all the missing equipment from abroad.

In the coming days, Mossad and its Director Yossi Cohen will conduct additional operations to eventually procure four million additional test kits from a number of countries.

As of Thursday morning, Israel reported 433 coronavirus cases and eleven recoveries.