The Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday evening that the use of technological means has begun in order to streamline the epidemiological investigation processes, shorten the procedure and reach people who may have come in contact with coronavirus patients as quickly as possible.

As part of the process, messages were sent to about 400 people who were identified as having come in contact with patients.

The notice includes the date on which they were in the vicinity of the patient and informs them they are obligated to enter home isolation immediately.

Accordingly, coronavirus patients were notified that use was made of information related to completing the epidemiological investigation in order to locate contacts.

Due to the move to start using these measures, the Ministry of Health will no longer publish messages detailing the paths taken by people who have contracted coronavirus, since those who need to go into isolation will be notified directly.

The Ministry also noted that anyone who believes he received a message in error can call the Health Ministry hotline and verify that he is indeed required to go into isolation.