Eli Beer
Eli BeerUnited Hatzalah

United Hatzalah founder and President Eli Beer, who was scheduled to return to Israel, stayed in the United States to raise money to provide for the significantly increased demand for Hatzalah's services in Israel during the coronavirus crisis. He attended a Purim event in Miami, where many people became stricken with Covid-19 coronavirus.

Eli is now in a hospital in Miami, with a presumptive diagnosis of Covid-19 himself. He is now feeling ill with a fever, shortness of breath and general weakness. His vital signs are fine.

Three days following the Purim event, "I began to feel that I had a fever - I immediately went to isolation myself," Beer wrote in a short message sent Wednesday to 6,000 volunteer medical personnel at United Hatzalah.

"That day, I was told that the person I met was diagnosed with the coronavirus disease. The other night I woke up at two in the night with acute dyspnea and after consulting a senior doctor, he immediately sent me to the University of Miami hospital. Due to the situation, there was also suspicion of the coronavirus, and I was immediately hospitalized in the ICU.

"I get very dedicated treatment at one of the best hospitals in the US. At the moment I still have fever, which is going down with medication, still with dyspnea but my health is good. I am strong because I know I have an amazing family that loves me. We have a huge family rescue union and I know how much I need healthy and complete friends and I have amazing friends In Israel and the world who pray and care for me. "

Beer concluded by calling on the organization's volunteers who, despite the situation, continue to provide first aid every day to 1,800 wounded and sick across the country: "Take care of yourself and follow the special instructions you have received from the organization regarding behavior during these troubled days."

United Hatzalah CEO Eli Pollak said, "We are following and keeping abreast of the organization's president and praying that he will heal soon and return to lead our important organization."