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New restrictions were placed on the Israeli public by the Ministry of Health on Tuesday, specifying that no one leave their home for any non-essential purpose, such as purchasing food or medicine. The number of coronavirus patients has risen to 427, and all efforts possible are being taken to prevent a spread which could overwhelm the country’s already overcrowded medical system.

Desperate for answers and solutions, the Jewish people turn to Rav Chaim Kanievsky for chizuk. Kanievsky has been a major player in headlines related to the outbreak this week, after advising that chedarim stay open in order to avoid bitul Torah, as well as recommending that klal yisroel be m’chazek in shmiras haloshon.

A letter from the Rav recommends that those who wish to protect their family donate money to help the sick & impoverished.

Particularly struck with terror at this time are the many Israelis whose families are affected by cancer and other chronic illnesses. The virus has the potential to be severe or even deadly for the immunocompromised, and many of them have been self-quarantined already for some time. Safety, however, has a price. Many of Israel’s sick already struggle to afford the treatments which keep them alive. Now with no income, they are now plunged into dangerous levels of poverty.

Many of these families are registered with Kupat Ha’Ir, and those who donate to the cholim fund will receive the Rav’s all-too-relevant blessing that, midah k’neged midah, they should have no illness in their own home.

It is a step toward proactive goodness during a dark time. May the Rav’s leadership and blessing help us through this, and may we all emerge healthy on the other side soon.


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