Kiryat Yearim (Telz Stone)
Kiryat Yearim (Telz Stone)Nati Shohat/Flash 90

A haredi woman from Kiryat Yearim (also known as Telz-Stone), a haredi town located west of Jerusalem, has been infected with the coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the town to eight.

On Saturday night, seven members of a family were found to have contracted the virus, causing about 1,600 residents to enter home isolation.

The head of the Kiryat Yearim council, Yitzhak Ravitz, called on the residents to obey all of the directives of the Ministry of Health.

"Unfortunately, another case from the community was discovered in the last hour. In the coming hours, you will be notified by the Ministry of Health,” he said.

"On behalf of the Ministry of Health, I am requesting and beseeching anyone who has stayed in the places posted in recent days to enter home isolation without delay.”

Ravitz added, "This is not a game, and we must take it seriously. This is the only way to curb the epidemic. If the isolation is maintained and if we keep the rules published by the Ministry of Health, we can stop the epidemic."