Amir Peretz
Amir PeretzKobi Richter/TPS

Kipa Hebrew News Site reported that the left is exuding pressure on Knesset Speaker MK Yuli Edelstein to resign after seven years in office. Chairman of Labor-Gesher-Meretz Amir Peretz addressed a letter to Edelstein demanding a vote be held to elect a new speaker following tomorrow's swearing-in ceremony.

"I would like the Knesset's agenda tomorrow to include the election of the 23rd Knesset Speaker," Peretz wrote to Edelstein. Meretz chairman Nitzan Horowitz attempted to refute claims that Edelstein is being attacked on a personal level: 'What is this 'persecution of Edelstein?' Let's be clear: every new Knesset elects a [new] speaker. That's the law. And if there is a majority (and there is) a new speaker [should be elected]. Cut the nonsense. Enough with this spin."

Edelstein, concerned over a White and Blue initiative to oust him, announced tonight that he would not cooperate with the move. "It's time to take the gloves off. I will not hand over a convention-breaking move aimed at enabling the kidnapping of state legislature. The order of the day for the State of Israel is a broad unity government. Such a government is not just required because of the Corona crisis. I tried to form this kind of government after the first and second elections. I [met] party representatives in my office and we were on the brink of a unity government. Unfortunately, small town politics have repeatedly defeated national considerations."