PM meets experts to discuss coronavirus response
PM meets experts to discuss coronavirus response Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Israel has risen to 213, the Health Ministry stated Sunday evening.

According to the Health Ministry, 2 of those infected are in serious condition, 11 are in moderate condition, 195 are in light condition and 4 have recovered from the virus and were released to their homes.

Currently, 2,593 medical personnel are in voluntary isolation, including 862 doctors and 823 nurses, for fear of having contracted the coronavirus.

Police said 52 criminal cases have been opened so far against civilians who have violated home isolation. Police have visited hundreds of businesses across the country in recent days, with the vast majority fully following the Health Ministry's guidelines.

The Investigations and Intelligence Division has launched an investigation against seven civilians on suspicion of spreading fake news about the spread of the coronavirus.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett discussed a situation assessment which was following the spread of the coronavirus, attended by the Deputy Defense Minister, Director General of the Ministry of Defense, National Emergency Authority Head, Deputy Chief of Staff, Home Front Command, Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories and other parties.

Bennett said that there are officially 213 coronavirus patients in Israel, but there are probably many more that the Ministry of Health does not know about.

"The weekly rate is an increase of four times a week. If this rate continues, we expect next week 200 [new cases] every day and then 800. I think the public should be told the truth that we don't know how many patients there are," he said.

Bennett added: "This week is a critical week because we will know if there is a surge in the amount of infections. The actions we take today will affect things in a few days. Israel must stay ahead of the coronavirus. The is no vaccine for coronavirus, the real vaccine is awareness. The cure for coronavirus is caring and responsibility from every citizen."