Gantz Moshe Biton

Blue and White Chair Benny Gantz on Sunday rejected Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s outlines for a unity government or emergency government.

“Netanyahu, don’t manipulate the citizens of Israel. Someone who wants unity doesn’t postpone his trial at 1 am and doesn’t send an ‘emergency unity outline’ to the media, but sends a negotiating team to a meeting,” Gantz tweeted

“In contrast to you, I will continue to back every correct activity of the government without political consideration.

“When you are serious - we’ll talk,” he concluded.

Earlier, Netanyahu tweeted that he had given Blue and White Chairman Gantz and his associates a proposal to join an emergency national government that Netanyahu would head.

"The government will be appointed for 6 months, and ministerial positions will be divided equally. The PM cannot fire ministers from Blue and White, and Blue and White cannot express no confidence in the PM.

"At the end of the period, we will return to the current state."

Alternatively, he said, he would be ready to discuss the establishment of a national unity government with a rotation agreement "on the basis of equality in time and composition."

"In this unity government, I will continue to serve as Prime Minister for the next two years, and during this time Benny Gantz will serve as Deputy Prime Minister with the same equal division of ministers and the same rules for government. In two years, Gantz will take up the post of prime minister and the government will serve four years.

"I call on Benny Gantz to meet with me and at the same time to hold a meeting between the negotiating teams in order to establish a government.”

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