Netanyahu Oliver Pitosi, Flash 90

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the date of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's trial was postponed to May 24, the panel of judges scheduled to discuss Netanyahu's cases established Sunday morning.

Justice Minister Amir Ohana last night declared an emergency in the courts and execution offices for the next 24 hours, in light of the fight against the coronavirus.

Due to the emergency situation, the courts will only hold urgent hearings. The regulations applied by Ohana are only valid for 24 hours, but their validity will probably be extended today in one form or another.

According to Ohana’s statement, during the state of emergency there will only be hearings on arrest and release on bail, administrative detention, urgent High Court petitions, offenses under special emergency legislation and urgent temporary relief in civil matters.

Minister Ohana's office said: "The decision was made in light of the recommendation of the professional bodies in the Ministry of Health and in coordination with the administration of the courts and the Attorney General."