Gantz and Netanyahu
Gantz and Netanyahu Flash 90

Blue and White chairman MK Benny Gantz agreed to discuss the prospect of forming an emergency national unity government with Prime Minister Netanyahu Thursday evening, after previously refusing to consider a unity government unless Netanyahu resigned.

"Blue and White headed by me has backed up to this day and will continue to back up the joint struggle against the coronavirus epidemic and its effects. As we have done so far, we will continue to practice statecraft and public responsibility. In light of the situation, we would be willing to discuss the establishment of a broad national emergency government that would include representation of all parts of the home. Every effort has been made to promote this move for the citizens of Israel and the State of Israel," Gantz said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu had previously called on Gantz to meet him tonight to discuss the formation of a unity government to combat the coronavirus epeidemic.

"I call for the establishment of a national emergency government without hesitation or rejection. It will be an emergency government for a limited period, and together we will fight to save the lives of thousands of civilians. We must put politics aside - and then return to the point where we are now." Netanyahu said.

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